04 / 17 / 14

It’s heeeereee! The official Dream Stage poster! Thanks to Erica Vitucci for poster design, & thanks to all of the acts for being a part of side stage! We’re super excited & we hope that you are too! We’ll see ya there…


Dream Stage Poster

04 / 15 / 14

This is going to be poorly formatted. I’ve been looking at code for about an hour trying to make the links clickable and make this look prettier but I’m going insane. WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE IS THE SIDE STAGE LINEUP FOR CULTURE SHOCK 2014 (expect pocket-sized schedules and posters to be floating around as well)






Bless this mess




New psychedelia for the future



Magic “Peter” Cannizzaro

Illusions, sleight of hand, and magic-themed comedy


Vinyl Canvas

R&B 4 U 2 Groove & Sway




Post-rock with 6-string bass and saxophone



Murder by Scooter



Watch Murder by Scooter perform a few tracks and be interviewed on “The Beat Presents.”



Hip-hop superstars.  A powerful voice and message.




Famous Youtube video art group!  Lights, noises, costumes, slightly concerning archival footage







Words words words



Our Lady of Little Hope Sunday School Bible Musical

a G-rated musical improvised your friends at WPSR


Spectral Citadel LIVE

The lost episode of WPSR’s frightening radio drama



Mike Cronin’s Late Night Comedy Special

Goofs and gags with the Old Crone




Black Math Doom Metal that makes you feel insignificant in a good way



Mood Tattooed

Experimental Electronics Mastermind now with a full band!



Bermuda Triangle Mystery Movers

What the funk! Jams so good you might dance into the sea and disappear


Noelle Tannen Orchestra

A whole Orchestra playing the soulful sounds arranged by Noelle Tannen herself




20+ guitarists playing an original composition by Peter Katz. Maximal Minimalism. Get yr Avant-Garde on.

03 / 26 / 14

When I first became a DJ with WPSR the manager was a guy named Joe. Joe didn’t spend a ton of time in the station — at least during hours of operation. As I later found out, he would often spend the night sleeping there! But anyway, I always saw him around school, since he was always working on projects with the other kids, and since he himself was a student, after all. He was never real vocal about the stuff he was working on, but there was a lot of it, most of it musical, and most of it with a strong conceptual/performative angle. I won’t go into detail about that stuff here, because I want to respect that he might not want them to gabbed about on this platform, and also because I’m not writing to talk about those projects. I want to talk about Dictionary Attack.



When Joe was with WPSR he was very quiet about the music he did under Dictionary Attack. I would be in the station with him and a mutual friend, and the friend would say something about his music. I’d ask about it, and Joe would immediately stuff up and try to talk about something else. I figured that it was probably terrible and embarrassing, whatever it was, like maybe he got really into Bright Eyes and decided that he could do an acoustic album with the whole cracked-voice, crying-singing thing.


I forget how I found that the music in question was Dictionary Attack, but I got the album “Very Well” from a Bandcampy thing Joe set up. Didn’t know what to expect. I’m not gonna lie through my teeth and say that I loved it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it a good deal, especially the song “Unicorn”. But what I can say with total sincerity is that Very Well is an album made by a guy with some serious studio chops, a fairly elastic voice, proficiency with numerous instruments, total respect for and understanding of quirky 80s/90s rock like They Might Be Giants and Elvis Costello… basically, what I’m saying is that it’s a really fucking impressive album considering he didn’t even want to talk about it.


Most of the songs on the album are really hooky. It’s one thing to be a novice solo musician putting out your first album, a totally different thing for the songs to have actual recognizable hooks and choruses. I have suffered through enough undergraduate self-released records to say that some of them are featureless and dull, offering no apparent reason for the listener to be interested. If anything, Very Well is too hooky; there are so many good sounds that they whip by and are gone in an instant. I think this has something to do with Joe’s interest in what he calls “disposable” music, commercial jingles and commissioned pop songs, and bands like TMBG which use novelty as a way of engaging with that idiom.


I think I’ve been too critical. One thing I love about the album is that it has a vocabulary and a ‘world’ in the same way that the best pop albums do. Joe’s slightly twee lyrics are a lot of fun. “Arts & Crafts” are ways of passing the time and keeping your thoughts at bay, but those resigned statements are followed by the charming, speedy, up-tempo chorus, which is the product of something other than resignation. More like dedication and passion. “Unicorn” follows “Arts & Crafts” rather heavily, with Joe immediately reaching for a funny baritone accompanied by drums and keyboard. But “Unicorn” is more serious than it lets on, because it’s actually a complaint filed against the kind of apathy unique amongst college students. It’s punchy, it’s hooky, it’s clever, it’s twee, and it’s real.


I think Joe might be quiet about this record because he feels like it might bear too much. It has some serious grievances with the stuff of everyday life; the utilitarianism unfairly expected of students (why offer fine arts as an area of study if it isn’t welcome in our country’s economic structure?), the way we hurt the ones we love, and the ways outsiders have to find each other, because there’s no place for them erected in their community.


If all that is too much for you, there’s a Dictionary Attack single called “Aint a Wolf At All”, which is a rhythm-challenged rap atop banjo accompaniment. I wouldn’t expect much less from a person who once tried to pay the bills by writing a song for a Twizzler commercial.





(Written by Matt DeCostanza. Sorry, Joe!)


If you want to write something like this about a music project with SUNY Purchase ties, email your work to WPSR4EVR@gmail.com and we’ll do the rest.

03 / 16 / 14

I took Computer Science II my freshman year, thinking it would fulfill my math credit. It turns out that only Computer Science I fulfilled a math credit, and I was too advanced for that class, but since I’m not a math or computer science major it didn’t count for anything but an elective. So yeah I still have to take a math class in order to graduate, which isn’t really a problem because math is super fun sometimes, but still I would have liked to get it over with earlier so I can focus on other stuff now. ANYWAYS here is the actual story I wanted to tell:

In Computer Science II every class more or less had a bunch of kids running around getting pissed off at all the bugs in their code and looking over everyone else’s shoulders to see what they were doing right. One day I met someone in that class looking over my shoulder who I would end up helping with the class work every once in a while. He introduced himself to me as Chester. He would sometimes tell me how he would be touring to places as far as texas with his music project. I always admired that, but didn’t realize how sick his music was until later. His project, now known as Lord RAJA, combines some of the sweetest elements of the more abstract side of Hip Hop beat production as well as keeping a more old school aesthetic about the project in general. Now he has a sick boiler room set up on youtube- and I used to shoot the shit with him in CSII two years ago! What the heck! I also had a friend in trigonometry in high school that now plays for the Orlando Magic basketball team. And everyone just leaves be in the dust ;_;

But yeah, here’s the Lord himself~:

(Write up by Troy Schipdam :3)

03 / 08 / 14

Listen to Double Spaced this Sunday (March 9th) at 8pm for a chance to win tickets to Com Truise’s March 15th Bowery Ballroom show!



(This wonderful poster was made by Dani Llamas, one of the two wonderful DJs of our show Vitamin Party.)


Join this Facebook event for more info about this giveaway!  “Good luck and have fun” – Katniss Evergreen


03 / 03 / 14


We were so lucky to get an interview with Greg Sestero, actor and author of “The Disaster Artist”, the chuckle-worthy book about the making of The Room.   Greg was a good sport, and look at that tan!



03 / 02 / 14

Pictured with good ole’ Monster Machismo


My first year at Purchase was flooded with this trend of these ingenious, intense and complex math-rock bands with some of the craziest and coolest ideas I’ve heard in rock music. I had never heard anything like it! Sure, I was into Maps & Atlases and occasionally dabbled in Monster Machismo from time to time (who unbeknownst to me also had purchase origins, and will get their own post later), but to see groups of people your own age make these well-oiled behemoths of compositions was no less than inspiring. Zona Mexicana still fits a description that a lot of regular stood bands fit: genuine heart-felt tunes that make you yearn for being young and being home for a while, forgetting all of the problems you have been dealing with while growing up. Their take is a little heavier, with music compositions that scream with the same intensity as the vocals, and the drummer is Cameron Wisch who I’m pretty sure is like famous now and if not he should be. All of these dudes are brilliant!

Check em out here(s):

(write-up by Troy Schipdam)
Wanna praise your own favorite Purchase band from the past or present? Send us a write up at WPSR4EVR@gmail.com, and we’ll do the rest :O

02 / 27 / 14

We’re starting a new series on this site where we talk briefly about various on-campus acts in hopes of one day forming an archive that can catalogue all of the sweet tunes cranked out by Purchase past. We’ll also be covering the projects of purchase alumni. We hope that doing this will provide a place where bands can get more publicity, people on campus can know more about the crazy sounds the people they pass by everyday are capable of making, and its a cool way of keeping track of these folks. Hope it takes off!

Vinyl Canvas – Moon


Purchase based slow burn R&B band Vinyl Canvas mesh the realms of R&B, Soul, creating an atmosphere thats totally different than the myriad of pop punk bands emanating from Purchase. Their slow burn music takes you on a soothing ride down Funk ave in style. you can also find members of Vinyl Canvas in other Purchase bands like Ragnarok, Choral Pleasure, Pure, Morning Star, and last but certainly not least Starchild and The New Romantics. You can Catch Vinyl Canvas on Thursday in The Cinema at The Stood with fellow Purchase acts TippWerk, Mwill The Shogun, Ace Mo, and Action Figures. Doors are at 8:00

(reviewed by Jason Mandel)

02 / 15 / 14

happy Valemtime’s day!  If you’re at SUNY Purchase, look out for our mix CD!  It was curated by our staff and interns, we picked 17 speshul songs for you to enjoy!  The CD is free, and included with the packaging is a tracklist and a nice message from everyone who contributed.  If want you a copy, look for them at the Stood, and, of course, the station!


wpsr valentine's day mix

Cover art by Elazia Santos;  Mixed by Troy Schipdam.


Tracklist and online download to come!

01 / 24 / 14



Well, we’ve finally made it. We finally got to the SPRING 2014 semester of WPSR programming! Broadcasting begins on January 26th.



Most of the old faces will be returning (some at new times; check the schedule to see if your favorites have moved). We also have plenty of new shows: Matt Lee’s “Farside Evening Report”, “Bad Faith” with John Stephen and Brendan Szendro, Dos Cargos, Friday Night Richochet, The Amanda Villalobos Moment, Free Weed (there’s someone who learned something in marketing class) — all of these bright young stars will shine their light into our radio station and onto the tubes of the internet.


Also, WPSR will be boothing at the huuuuuge-o fair for clubs and organizations in Campus Center North (the hub) on the 29th. Stop by to say high at the very least; if you want, you can pick the brains of the our staff and see what plans we have up our sleeves ;D


Also, there’s still a bit of time to apply for an internship with us. Get your application into Jobscore before February 4th if you’re interested! Contact Matt (matt.decostanza@purchase.edu) if you have any questions about the process.


That’s all for now; let’s get this rolling thunder revue on the road!


-da MGMT